You know how as you get older you start to become more cognizant of your little habits and quirks? Maybe it's just me, but I'm starting to appreciate the little things about my personality that make me unique. In honor of that self appreciation, I'm sharing a few fun facts about myself, because what better place to talk about myself than on my blog.

Many of these are food related, and some are deeper than others. All are random.

1) I cannot stand wearing a bra - I would start a worldwide initiative to ban them if I thought enough women would stand with me, but our species appears to be divided on this topic. I (shockingly) know many women who actually love wearing one. I do not understand these women, but I know and accept them all the same.

2) I will never go to sleep with dishes in the sink, not even a spoon.

3) My absolute favorite seasoning is black pepper. I am heavy handed with the black pepper the way others can be heavy handed with the salt. If I can't physically see the black pep flakes in my food, it's not enough. On the other hand, my favorite spice is cinnamon.

4) If there's a dish from a restaurant that i've been eating often, I'll figure out how to make it in my own kitchen. When I was eating lots of whole foods hot , I bought ingredients to make my own mac n cheese, balsamic chicken and sautéed cabbage/kale. When I was eating lots of Chicken Salad Chick I made my own chicken salad and broccoli salad.

5) I love spicy food. Drag my taste buds. Drag them.

6) If there's a bug in the house, I will throw a magazine on top of it, step on the magazine, then wait for J to come home/downstairs/out the bathroom and clean up the massacre. One time a frog got in the house, and I threw multiple magazines on top of it, then grabbed the accent chair from across the room and put it on top of those magazines. *Then* I stood on top of the chair to make sure there was enough weight to smush the frog. (Am I a monster?) I left my living room looking like a crime scene until the next morning when J got home from work.

7) I don't know my heritage. People often as what I'm "mixed with," usually in reference to my hair or after they meet my mother, but I just say "I'm black." I know there's more to my racial makeup than that, but my mom doesn't have much info on her background, so I don't have much info on mine. The thing is, I'm okay with that. I've never feel the need to know more about my racial identity since it's never really been a factor in my self-identity. It'd be nice to know more, but I don't need it the way many people do. At the end of the day, it plays a beautifully minor role in who I am as a person.

8) Speaking of my mom, we don't talk every single day. Sometimes we go days without talking, and sometimes we talk constantly. Either way, our bond remains the same. We don't have the type of mother-daughter relationship that needs to be excessively nurtured with conversation and face time. It stays strong regardless, and I love that.

9) My clean laundry always goes from the dryer to a bench in our bedroom. J and I usually do laundry separately, and he'll put his clean clothes there as well. After a couple days, I'll declare it's time for a "folding party," which means it's time for us to throw our piles on the bed and fold everything. We both hate folding clothes, but when I make us do it together, somehow it's not so bad. J. Cole said I wanna fold clothes for you, but all I need is for my J to fold clothes with me.

10) I never answer the phone for unknown numbers. If it's important, they'll leave a message so I can return the call. If not, oh well. If I get multiple calls from the same unknown number and they never leave a voicemail, they're automatically going to my blocked callers list.

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  1. I feel this so much lmao. Spicy foods are EVERYTHING. make me sweat and make my nose run. Unknown numbers can quickly get rejected. If you didn’t leave a message, it must’ve not been important.

    1. we need a dinner date then, because none of my people like spicy food😩 not even a little bit. 😞

  2. Looooved this list and getting to know you better :) I used to not be a fan of bras but since I've put on weight and my boobs have grown from an A to C cup, these ladies definitely need support lol. However, my go-to are bralettes and sports bras. Underwire bras make me feel like I've put them in jail, behind bars or something. And double yes for spicy food (I can handle up to 3 chilies on a menu, sweating and crying all a part of the experience haha) and not picking up numbers I don't recognize - alot of times I block them if they don't leave a message lol.

    1. how did we live in a world before/without caller id?! how did we just answer the phone without knowing who was on the other end? HOW?!!!!


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