I've recently come to the realization that brunch is my favorite meal of the day. I thought I was a breakfast person, but truth be told, I don't really enjoy eating in the mornings. I will, however, make a full breakfast spread at 2pm, and fully enjoy it, and wonder why I don't make breakfast more often. 

So yeah, brunch gets me. Breakfast is like your strict (but loving) mom: healthy and well-balanced, with the intention of fueling your day. Brunch is like your favorite aunt: less-healthy but still fairly balanced, with champagne poured in your orange juice. 

In my opinion, the only thing that makes brunch better than it already is, is a view. That's where Canoe comes in. They have what is arguably the best backyard of any restaurant in Atlanta. It's situated along the Chattahoochie River, and they have lawn chairs all around for people to sit, sip, and chat. Lots of people wandered around after they ate and just soaked up the sun. I can only imagine how great the vibe is during the fall!

I've been once before for dinner, during the colder months, so I didn't realize the hidden treasure out back. Dinner was decent. I wasn't blown away, but still I was satisfied and the atmosphere inside was nice. I made a mental note to come back for brunch one day, and years later I booked a reservation and texted a friend like "hey, I made us reservations for brunch. K?"
Brunch was bangin'. I ended up sitting alone for a bit waiting on my friend to arrive, so by the time she came I was too hungry to photography the main course, but the Riverside (french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns) was wonderful, filling, and basically everything you want in a brunch dish. We also tried the Zucchini Pecan Bread with Basil Cream Cheese for starters, and Popcorn Flavored Salted Caramel Ice Cream for dessert.
By the end of the meal I was won over. The food was superb, the service was top notch (you're always addressed by name), and the scenic eye candy had feeling like it was a Sunday afternoon well spent. 

My only gripe about Canoe is that you have to valet your car; there's no self-park option. The parking lot is so small that it seems a bit unnecessary. They literally park your car about 20 steps away from the door, which is frustrating when you're really ready to go, but you have to wait in line for them to "bring your car around."

Still, I'll be back. ;)

4199 Paces Ferry Road, SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30339


  1. I love your mom/aunt comparison for breakfast vs. dinner - it's sooo true! And that garden view - outdoor dining is the best especially when the weather is good.

    1. I've been known to pull a "no, it's not too cold to sit out here," and then proceed to freeze my tail off with no regret, IF THERE'S A PATIO WITH A VIEW.

  2. The food looks amazing and I can only imagine how amazing it would be to dine outdoors and be able to witness this view in the Fall time. I've been to Atlanta a few times, but I've never even heard or seen some of the treasures that you've featured here on your blog. I'm making sure I make a mental, as well as a physical note to check out of few of these spots when I return.

    1. I love eating outdoors. It feels so luxurious, even if you're only having a bowl of oatmeal or something.


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