1. How to kill a succulent? I honestly have no clue. Apparently they require very little maintenance, and I really tried to keep it alive, but the little sucker still decided to die.
2. More window sill flowers, purple ones this time!
3. An 90lb lap dog
4. Groceries.

And here we have a life update in four easy steps.


  1. Perhaps over watering? At least that's what happened to the one I had a while ago. They are definitely low maintenance and apparently I gave them too much. LOL!

    I'm not sure the current weight of my lab, but he is about 5 months now and still thinks he's 10-15 pounds. He has absolutely no problem sitting on my head or walking on my stomach. -_-

    1. You might be on to something with the overwatering... i noticed it was looking dull so I gave it some water, and then things went downhill, so I gave it more water (thinking that would help). Ikea has such cute succulents so I'll probably grab another one next time I'm there.

      And wait until he's fully grown and steps on your stomach like it's nothing. You'll want to scold him so badly, but he won't mean any harm so you'll just have to take the pain lol.

  2. Naww! We love succulents too. The key is not to water them too much!

    As for the window sill flowers...yes!! We really like to have flowers and bit of nature in our house. It always brightens up the space

    M + K

  3. My plants usually die too. I try to read up on them now to see what exactly they need to thrive.


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