Here are photos of my new favorite courtyard for rest and relaxation, a large advertisement for Dollar Tree's 3oz. ribeye steak (obviously worth noting - obviously), and the pizza I devoured on a recent date night at Marietta Pizza Co. I have many, many more photos to share, and one day (hopefully this week), I'll conquer that task.
Today, I'm stepping to up to the plate with my goals for the week:
  • Make J's birthday special. It's this Wednesday. He's not very excited, but I'm determined to find a way to make him show some enthusiasm.
  • Configure our August budget.
  • Call my brother back. He called on my birthday, later in the evening. I was sleep. I've been a terrible sister if we're judging by my callback time.


  1. Since I'm a week behind reading your blog, I think it's safe to say you got goal #1 done very nicely :) How did you do with goal #2 & #3?

    1. The other goals were reached! August budget is set, and my brother wasn't as mad as i thought he'd be lol.

      I'll be catching up on your blog this weekend. So maybe get ready for comment overload? ;)


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