Day 3, Wednesday: Things that make you uncomfortable

~ When people won't look me in the eye during a conversation
Some people find it difficult to make eye contact; I'm not one of those people. If we're communicating face-to-face, and your eyes are avoiding mine, I'll automatically get suspicious. What are you hiding? Are you avoiding something? Are you disinterested in this exchange? This makes me uncomfortable.

~ Touching my face
Don't pinch my cheeks. Don't wipe off an eyelash or a piece of lint, and please sir, don't hold my face if you're going in for a kiss. Even the thought of the slightest, most microscopic bit of natural oils from your fingertips touching my skin may cause a breakout. This makes me uncomfortable. Speaking of hands...

~ Washing my hands in a public restroom and seeing some leave the stall without doing the same
You just had those hands near your oven. Wash them!
Fellas', I can't see when you guys do this, but thinking of you reaching to greet me, after your dirty hands just got done handling your banana. NOT COOL. This makes me uncomfortable.

~ Getting hit on while other people are paying attention
If we're sharing a somewhat private moment, and you dish out a few of your best pick-up lines, I'll eat it right up and come back with some cheeky material of my own. Howwwwwwever, if there are other human beings within earshot (especially women), they're probably listening, and chances are they'll start sizing me up to determine the validity of your compliment. Communal judgement? No, thanks. This makes me uncomfortable.

~ When the waiter/waitress takes my food in the back to box it up
I understand they're providing a service, but once my food has been prepared and delivered, I need to be in control of everything that happens thereafter. Please don't touch my plate again. This makes me uncomfortable.

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  1. EEE the inappropriate love scenes in front of dad freak me out! It could be worse if you can't find the tv remote!


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