I've been slacking on the food posts lately.
Frankly, I need to get my foodie life together.
I've tried no new recipes, I've been to no new restaurants around town and I've been generally boring when it comes to what I eat.
This past weekend, my foodie fire was rekindled with the meals of my people: soul food.
Right after wrapping up my Saturday morning yoga session, a friend invited me out to try a new spot called The Manna House.
It's a small, hole-in-the-wall type of place, deep in Marietta, located next door to a somewhat sketchy liquor store.
I'll admit, when I pulled up to the address, I had my reservations, but I was too hungry to turn around.
THANK GOD I didn't.

My friend had the fried pork chops.
I had baked chicken (trying my best to eat clean these days), mac n' cheese, collards & candied yams.
As I type this description I'm getting a craving for more of everything. The meal was perfect, and it's the closest I've ever came to "home cooking" outside of my mother's kitchen.

That says alot.

Of course, nobody cooks up some magic like the women in my family, but this spot was worth documenting.
They don't have an official website, and I couldn't find an official Facebook page, so the Yelp listing is all I was able to use for reference.

Excuse me while I figure out what's for lunch.


  1. Oh my days, it's 06.30am in the morning and I've just looked at your foodie pics. I now feel like eating a horse especially since I didn't have any dinner last night. The food looks so good. Some of the best eating places are hidden in some back alley and the outside appearances can be off putting but it's a good thing that you went in :)

    What's that cake thing? I think I had this when I went to Atlanta on holiday but not sure what it is called and it tasted like salty corn type cake.

  2. Rum-Punch, that's cornbread! It has absolutely NO nutritional value, but it goes so well with these foods!

  3. The meal looks delicious! What I wouldn't give to eat something like that right now ;) xx

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  4. Thank you very much for the kind comment on my blog oneinemillion.com <3


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