The fact that it's Friday doesn't really have anything to do with... anything, but that's how this is going to go.
Speaking of random, Georgia weather never fails to keep you on your toes.
Earlier this week, it was snowing. SNOWING.
This weekend, we might not even need to wear a jacket.
Spring is coming, and I'm more than ready. Me & warm weather go together like Forest Gump & Jenny.
As do me & flowers (pictured), me & turkey burgers (pictured) and me & froyo (not pictured - devoured too quickly).


  1. Seeing a fresh bunch of flowers always brightens the day, and seeing that burger first thing in the morning makes me feel very hungry indeed. I must start to think about what I'm having for lunch today.

  2. Rum-Punch, sometimes I tease my own self with these pictures.

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