June 17, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Today was an incredibly beautiful day in Atlanta, and like a terrible blogger, I've spent it lounging around after church, snacking, and watching movies, when I should've been outside, taking pictures, having a picnic, and making my weekend seem more interesting than it is.

Please forgive me.

I did, however, make an amazing batch of guacamole (to be blogged about later) and got around to taking a quick trip to Starbucks, to do some research for my next Felice News article. Check em' out if you're tired of all the downtrodden, tragic news stories typically found on your local channels. Felice only reports the happy stuff.

That's all for now!

Old Pic - Dec' 2011 - but I needed an illustration

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June 6, 2012


Recently, via twitter, I professed my love for Pinterest, and for those of you attracted to all things visual, if you've not jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet, there's still room.

My places board keeps me daydreaming about every city, beach, desert, and mountain just beyond my reach, and it's earnestly inspiring me to load up a backpack, buy a plane ticket and take off.


Maybe one day that'll be ideal, but today is not that day. Sooooo I'll just keep google-ing "cultural trips to Cuba," "mission trips," and things of the sort and praying these pictures start to pacify that desire.

Again, right...

Cuba - Courtesy of andrewlmoore.com

Dominica - Courtesy of explore-the-earth.tumblr.com

Greece - Courtesy of bna-art.s3.amazonaws.com

Italy - Courtesy of randomitus.tumblr.com

The Maldives - Courtesy of adelto.co.uk

Morocco - Courtesy of flickr.com

Thailand - Courtesy of Yang Tee Mon on Flickr

Turkey - Courtesy of divinci-chode.tumblr.com

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