Four years ago, I showed Amelia Island in technicolor

This year, I took pictures on Fuji Superia X-tra 400... and wow. i'm in love. It may be my new favorite film stock for landscapes.

One thing about me: I'mma make a list.

I have a running list in my mind for multiple tasks at any given time. I have a grocery list, a Costco list (different from the grocery list), a to-do list, a goals list, a wish list, a watch list, a work list, a creative ideas list... you name it! When I was pregnant, both times, I kept a running list of all the things I needed to ask my doctor at the next appointment, otherwise I'd forget. Right now I keep a list of baby firsts to compile into a scrapbook I'll make once Christian turns one. Am I clear enough here? Ya girl loves her some lists!

About seven (!!!) years ago, I made a 30 Before 30 list. I never wrote a follow up after I crossed over to the other side, probably because I had my hands and my brain full of new-mom responsibilities, but I accomplished majority of the action items. 

Instead of making another one for 40, I've been doing more reflecting on the things I've learned in life thus far. It's wild to look back at all the ignorance, naivety, and cluelessness of my 20s. They weren't horrible by any means, but they sure were full of lessons. So today, on my 32nd birthday (technically the day after because I couldn't find the time to post!), I'm sharing 32 things I've learned over these years. I've been writing this list since January, adding items as they popped in my head - no matter where I was or what I was doing. Some of the stuff is super small and simple; some are bigger life concepts.

Grab a cup of something. This is a long one. 

One thing nobody every really calls out about getting older is how intentional you have to be with your time. If you tell yourself you'll do something "whenever I get the time," you'll probably never do it. You have to make the time - and sometimes take the time - to do all the things you want, while reconciling it with all the things you need to do.

So this past Friday, I knew I'd have a nice window to myself in the early afternoon. I really needed to do a load of laundry. I also needed/wanted to walk the dog. However, I really wanted to grab a bougie latte from a millennial's daydream of a coffeeshop. I let Raven run around in the backyard while I put the load in the wash; then I asked J to put the stuff in the dryer while I was gone (spoiler: he forgot). Off I went. 

Keeping it brief today:

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