A few snaps from a quick family outing. 

These days, I love pulling up to a place and it's empty. 

Have you heard of notion?

"Databases for dummies" is what I like to call it, because I know nothing about new-age coding, but notion makes me think I do. After months of playing around with the program, watching youtube videos, and duplicating free templates provided by the productivity gurus of the internet, I've finally created a space to dump all my thoughts, ideas, worries, goals, lessons, tips, and task items.

Happy 2021!

Steam Mop - Were my floors even clean before March 2020? I'm not entirely sure! I got this mop at the start of shelter-in-place orders, and wow. I love it. I have used it regularly for the past 7 months, and I'm never going back to a regular push mop again.
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