I've recently come to realize that Trader Joes becomes my go-to grocer during the holidays. They have such good seasonal snacks (gingerbread and peppermint flavored everything), and that's when I'm craving all kinds of quick and easy comfort food, which is what they do best. My meals are currently all over the place, and it's usually a mix of whatever's within reach paired with something green to make it "healthy."

Current TJs favorites include:


A few days ago, I was leaving target, wearing leggings as pants with Starbucks in hand - peak suburban mom style. Who even am I?

I'll save the existential crisis for another post. Today is all about the various ways the lovely men and women spell my name when I place an order for "Chantel" at Starbucks. Sometimes they get it right, but when they don't, I do this weird thing where I attach a caricature to however they decide to spell it.

These are my personalities.

Sharing some snaps from a brewery hop date day.
And by "we," I mean "me."


I took the photo above this past weekend on a quick day trip to Blue Ridge. It's a small town in the mountains with lots of cute shops, restaurants, and sights. The plan was to go apple picking, a cute little family trip that Gabriel won't remember but will still fill our hearts. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same plan because there was an hour+ wait to pay for the tickets. So, instead, we walked around the area, had a couple wine slushies (us, not the baby) and then rode over to downtown Blue Ridge.

Well, that was packed too. The parking was full. The wait times at the restaurants were long. We were chasing the post-daylight-savings sun. So, after stopping in a couple shops and admiring the town, we decided to just head back home and stop at the nearest Chick-Fil-A for a late lunch.

One the way back, I pulled over to the side of the road to document the beautiful scenery.

Later, while I was going through my phone to vet the pictures, I found this snap (below), from the exact same day (November 9) four years ago.

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