It's been one of those years where you just have to lean on what you know.

When it comes to books, movies and shows, I've been doing lots of re-reading and re-watching old favorites because yes, they're favorites, but there's a certain comfort I find in knowing exactly how the story is going to play out from the beginning. Since uncertainty has a way of causing anxiety, I have been watching reruns of Home Improvement, Moesha, Living Single and the likes. I've been reading some of my favorite poetry books from college (Pableo Neruda and Sandra Cisneros have my heart), and today, I'm taking it back a few decades with some classic 1998 Kirk Franklin.

 This album used to be on constant repeat in my mom's car when I was growing up, and whew! It is moving me all over again. If anyone here feels like going down by the "Riverside" with me, or having a "Lovely Day", or listening to some fun throwback interludes, join me on this praise trip.

Let's struggle to hit these soprano notes together!

 The album is also on Spotify and Apple Music.


  1. Nothing like a throwback album! I should focus my mood tomorrow with music.. might spin this.

    1. yes, i've still been playing it. had the car wash BUMPIN' yesterday. 😁

  2. This album was EVERYTHING!!! Still is!


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