I am 6.5 months into this pregnancy and have not craved a single glass of wine, until this past Saturday when we celebrated Meredith's birthday at my favorite wine bar, Stem.

I just sat there and sipped my club soda, though. Thankfully, all the delicious small plates (deviled eggs three ways, shaved brussels sprouts, garlic chicken wings, and more) and the house burger made up for it - as did the Chantilly cake from Publix. 

The cake is light and fluffy and filled with fruit; it is basically a salad.


  1. That's where you took me last year!! I can still taste the yummy food I ate and the even yummyer glass(es) of wine I had LOL! Happy Birthday, Meredith!

    1. Yess, i love that place. Classy & upscale but not *completely* out of my tax bracket. 😂

  2. oooh all the food sounds so delicioussss. Happy belated birthday to Meredith! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Man - garlic wings. You'll get a glass of wine eventually. I hope you're well with baby active on the way.


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