It's been a fun run, Netflix.

19 June 2018

It's time for this little series of mine to come to a close.

I've been sporadically posting these roundups for over three years, and in that time, my affinity for Netflix as a whole has waned. Lately, I find myself clicking on Hulu, HBO, or Crackle more often than the Netflix icon. It almost reminds me of how I started logging into Facebook more often than Myspace back when I was in college. One day I realized I hadn't logged into Myspace in months, and I didn't even miss it. Well, history may soon repeat itself with Netflix.

They're clogging my feed with their original programming, which would be fine if I actually enjoyed the content. For the most part, I don't. There have been a few exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, if it's a Netflix original, I'm probably not going to like it. The shows are soapy; the movies tend to conclude with plot holes, and the documentaries lose me altogether halfway through. I wish there was a way to filter their original programming from my feed, but it's so in-your-face that now I can hardly find other non-netflix content unless I go searching for a specific title.

This is not the Netflix I grew to love. The Netflix of yore was loyal to the "flix" part of it's name, a hub of indie treasure and old-school classics. These days, I doubt indie projects even get proper exposure on the platform, which is unfortunate, because those are my favorite kind of movies to watch on lazy weekends. For all these reasons, I have decided this will be my last "Netflix Titles" post, because the titles I've streamed lately have hardly been a pleasant surprise, more like a dnf (did not finish).

What's even more unfortunate is that there are only two movies here - two! Ah well. It's the end of an era (not really, but still).

Don't Kill It (2016) - this whole movie reminded me of a Supernatural episode, which I probably why I loved it so much.

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) - I was very much against watching this one. The first to installments in the trilogy felt like a waste of my time, but then I needed something to download and stream for our plane ride to Mexico, so I gave it a shot. So glad I did, so many twists and turns, so many wtf moments. It was much better than Cloverfield (2008) and 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016).

And that's that. It's been a fun run, Netflix. You won't be seeing much of me anymore (unless you're streaming a movie or show that I already enjoy).

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  1. These movies sound really good. I want to watch them now.



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