These last few weeks of summer

14 August 2018 Avondale Estates, GA

I'm hearing lots of chatter lately about fall, and how autumn can't come fast enough, and I am here to object.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer while you can.

Sarah Jean's

13 August 2018 Marietta, GA

My first visit to Sarah Jeans was over five years ago, and it quickly became my favorite ice cream shops around town - better than Jeni's Splendid, better than Queen of Cream, and better than Kilwins, all of which are considered some of the best spots in town for a creamy, churned dessert. They don't have fancy toppings, chocolate coated cones or anything super special. They keep it simple. It's just good, old-fashioned ice cream.

That summer five years ago, I visited Sarah Jean's multiple times - and many times that fall and winter as well. I would drive out of my way and deal with the headache-inducing parking at the Marietta Square just for a banana split. Also, their coffee and salted caramel flavors paired together taste like a caramel macchiato - so good!

These days, I'm less of an ice cream fanatic. Before this weekend, I hadn't been to Sarah Jeans in a couple years, but when I stepped inside it was just as I remembered. I was mentally transported to the days when I'd make the trek to the square after work for a post-dinner treat. Their coffee and salted caramel ice cream flavors taste exactly the same, and I pray they never change.

Love Bug

11 August 2018 Decatur, GA

My great niece continues down the path of perfection. Crumbs, tears, snot bubbles & all. ❤️

When that craving hits

10 August 2018 Woodstock, GA

No other fries will do.

Read Shop

08 August 2018 Vinings, GA

The Vinings Village is home to one of the most charming coffee shops I've ever visited.

calming the Wander Monster within

07 August 2018 Quintana Roo, Mexico

This was July

31 July 2018

Red Hare Brewing, Round Two.

26 July 2018 Marietta, GA

Wild Heaven

21 July 2018 Avondale Estates, GA

The difference between capturing the moments and creating them

12 July 2018

The #100dayproject has come to an end, and I am thoroughly pleased to wave goodbye. When I came up with the plan for how I would participate this year, I thought I was choosing something easy - that way I could keep up with little-to-no pressure to "create" every day. Taking pictures is something I already do quite often, and I was armed with a brand, new camera, so this should've been a breeze, but it wasn't. I'm glad it's called a project and not a challenge, though, because I felt less pressure to keep up, especially on the days where I just didn't feel like taking a picture.

Some days aren't photo-worthy. Some days are so amazing that I don't think to stop and take a photo. Some days the lighting is terrible. Some days the pictures don't come out good no matter how many different angles I snap.

30 Before 30 - Another Update

08 July 2018

It's been two years since my last 30 before 30 update, and it's been five years (!) since I first blogged about it. I'm definitely due for an update, and in honor of this day, which is my last birthday before the dirty thirty (!!!), here it is.


02 July 2018

Filter the Fluff, Vol. 6 - Nutrition Edition

28 June 2018

Oh, look! It's time for another edition of filter the fluff!

Every now and then, I come across really well-written pieces on the interwebs and get the urge to share. Whether it aligns with my viewpoint or not, I only have one rule: it should be thought-provoking. Lately, it seems like all the food and wellness-themed posts have been jumping out at me, so today's roundup is a very special nutrition edition. Grab a cup of coffee/tea, pull up a chair, and settle in for some interesting foodie reads.

It's been a fun run, Netflix.

19 June 2018

It's time for this little series of mine to come to a close.

I've been sporadically posting these roundups for over three years, and in that time, my affinity for Netflix as a whole has waned. Lately, I find myself clicking on Hulu, HBO, or Crackle more often than the Netflix icon. It almost reminds me of how I started logging into Facebook more often than Myspace back when I was in college. One day I realized I hadn't logged into Myspace in months, and I didn't even miss it. Well, history may soon repeat itself with Netflix.

The fans are a fun bunch

14 June 2018

I now understand why they're called fur babies

04 June 2018

My poor puppy.

Raven has a bad case of happy tail (an inappropriately named condition where dogs wag their tails so fiercely in excitement, hitting any and everything in their path, breaking the skin under the tail hair, leaving a trail of blood in their wake, and on the walls... doors... door frames... cabinets... clothes... bare legs that happen to be nearby... the list goes on), and it has led us here.


31 May 2018


25 May 2018 Quintana Roo, Mexico

Playa Del Carmen

24 May 2018 Quintana Roo, Mexico

[a photo journal]

How I Work

17 May 2018

Seeing how other people live their lives is oddly fascinating. I recently had a conversation about how people who are Internet Famous basically make money off sharing their lives, and the reason their careers thrive is because other people follow, like comment and otherwise engage. It is voyeuristic, but the idea of peering into the most intimate parts of other people's journeys and finding enjoyment sounds far less creepy when the content appears on your Instagram feed or in your YouTube subscription box.

I am no exception. I love blogs, vlogs, open diaries, and "a day in the life" content as much as the next person, and it serves as inspiration for this post (along with my my morning routine). Today, I am ripping off the How I Work series on Lifehacker. It offers insight on how higher-ups at prominent companies spend their day or organize their workflow. I am not a higher up. I probably have very little insight to offer, but I am writing this anyway.

Let's get to it.

Current Gig: Creative Content Writer
One word that best describes how you work: Methodical
Current mobile device: iPhone
Current computer: Macbook Pro

Take us through a recent workday.

I get an early start.

The part of our soul that needs a mate

15 May 2018

A few years ago, my cousin and I were hanging out at my place. I was straightening her hair, she was watching tv, we were chatting about life, and doing all the normal things cousins who double as friends tend to do. We talked about our careers (or lack thereof), our goals, our dreams, and our boyfriends. J and I had been dating for less than a year at this point, but she asked me a question that many others would ask soon after: is he the one?


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