May 15, 2017

Future self,

This post is back-dated, since you were too busy to post on your actual anniversary. You posted this the day after instead. But that's okay, because like I said, you were busy.

You went to work, came home, immediately to ran back out to grab the second part to the gift you gave J, then you returned that library book that was due, came back home, showered, threw on a dress, threw on a pair of heels you hadn't worn since your college days and watched as your husband admired your seemingly effortless efforts. This makes you feel wonderful.

The two of you then headed off to dinner and got your fill at that expensive Brazilian steakhouse you both had been wanting to try. It was wonderful, and they gave you a huge slice of cheesecake that neither of you could finish. You both came home with food babies. He decided to have a cigar on the back patio while you sipped a glass of your favorite Red Blend on the couch. You would've joined him outside, but mosquitos...

The only photo you have from this night is the one above.

I'm writing all this out, future self, because it's been a frustrating week. You've actually been feeling quite stressed. You really wanted to make sure your mom had an amazing birthday and Mother's Day, but you weren't able to go above and beyond because your car has been acting up. Blue Belle has been in the shop for almost a week now and you are properly frustrated at this first world problem.

To keep the mood light in this post, here is a list of things you're thankful for as of late. Something you used to post quite regularly but have been slacking on for almost two years. It's time to bring it back.

✝ The excitement you and J had for the chance to grab lunch together on a weekday. May that fire for the small things never die.

✝ Being able to spend time with your mother and mother-in-law for Mother's Day and get them both gifts they loved

✝  The gifts and flowers you received over the past few weeks, just because

✝ The excitement you had for grocery shopping this past weekend, even though it rained like crazy and you didn't get everything on your list, which always irks you

✝ All the lists you wrote recently that helped you organize your thoughts, and essentially, your life

✝ Your will to turn down a trip to the food trucks even though they usually have really good tacos

✝ The 227 reruns playing in the background right now

✝ Good skin days and good hair days (undocumented)

✝ Being able to celebrate great occasions with loved ones

✝ My career path being on a track that finally makes some kind of sense

And with that, I'll end this post. Hopefully when you're reading this back, future self, you're smiling at how all your seemingly significant problems worked themselves out for the better, like they always do.


  1. Beautiful post. I'm glad you two had a wonderful anniversary celebration.

    Life happens and sometimes it really throws jab after jab and left hook after left hook. The key is to persevere, even if it seems impossible to do so. Of course mastering this art can take some time, but when you do, you have moments such as the ones that you've written about and you can count your blessings.

    1. Thank you! The little gratitude list really did help me feel better. Xx

  2. Happy Anniversary Disa! This was such a beautiful written post.

  3. Resilience Darling.... Happy Anniversary to you and the husband, better days to come.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and J! xoxo


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