not even a dab of concealer needed

March 20, 2017

The quest for not even a dab of concealer needed skin continues...

Serums from the beloved brand Glossier are three times as much as these options. Three times!

I mean seriously, would you rather pay $6 for a quality serum, or $28 for the exact same thing... in a smaller bottle... with a fancier name?

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  1. Oooooh how are you liking The Ordinary products? Glossier has been on my radar for the past 2 months because I'm looking for low key makeup/skin care that allows my skin to breathe and shine through minimal coverage. But as you mentioned, the price of everything has been holding me back lol.

    1. Setarra BYEEE. Your skin is freakin' perfect. I've never seen you face look anything but freaking radiant on your blog. I secretly stare at the screen in envy! LOL. But so far I really like the retinol serum. It's considered an "advanced" version, so there's no flaking or peeling, but I can still see my hyperpigmentation disappearing. They have something called "colours" coming soon, which I believe will be an affordable skin tint line to rival glossier. Glossier prices are outrageous in my opinion. It's all for the name...

  2. I've heard so much about Glossier but never did the research. I see why.... I need to be nicer to my skin. I don't wear concealer but I noticed a few blemishes on my skin as of late, so the search is on. I'll look into the ordinary brand and try some new stuff.

    1. I had a period about a month and a half ago where i was so lazy with my skin. I'd wipe my makeup off with a baby wipe before bed and that'd be it. I had zero energy to even wash my face at the end of the day. And now i'm paying the price :(. It's on the up and up though. So far i'm loving these bits! Highly recommend.



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