Those Eyes

March 25, 2015

This is Raven. She was a stray, and the second I saw her eyes (one blue, one brown) I had to meet her. She's a Pit Lab Mix, she's got lots of energy (as to be expected), she loves to play tug-of-war, she'll go wild for any toy that squeaks and if you kiss her on the face, she kisses you right back. I don't understand how anyone could've let her out of their sight, and I definitely can't comprehend how anyone would let her stray. When she's acting up and I scold her, she just sits down and looks up at me with those eyes... ugh. I melt!

There are things I never knew about puppies:
  • They require a hefty amount of sleep. One minute she's aggressively chewing on a toy, the next she's snoring.
  • Speaking of snoring, they do that. It's cute and annoying at the same time.
  • They really do chase their tail (if the tail is long enough). One time she actually caught it, and she squealed at the pain from biting herself. She has since pulled the same stunt with her foot. HER FOOT. The "Dumb Dog" lyrics from Annie now make much more sense.
  • They sometimes break free from their crate. Always make sure it's tightly secured.
  • Trying to raise one without help will make you consider dropping him/her off at the pound. 
  • When they pass gas, it's silent - but DEADLY.
  • They like to like to lick you, everywhere.
I'm starting to think owning/raising a puppy is kinda like trying to learn another language, in the sense that it's much easier if you do it while you're young. If you first give it a try as an adult, you might want to give up.


March 17, 2015

There's a community center area on my side of town with a library, a walking trail and a pond with ducks and birds that stroll right in your path if you get in their way. It's a nice spot to visit when the first bits of spring arrive, so that's what I did last week. That's about all I've done recently. I figured I should post some sort of update here, but there's really nothing to... update! Let's try a good, old-fashioned, random list:

Bates Motel season three is underway, and it's the best thing on tv right now (IMHO). Shows that I used to love and have been falling flat include but are not limited to Scandal, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time and Grey's Anatomy.

It is lease renewal season, and I am s.t.r.e.s.s.i.n.g. about how I'm going to proceed. I don't feel like being an adult this month.

I climbed Kennesaw mountain again, since it's warm enough for outdoors-y activities, and it was much easier than the first time I did it (almost two years ago [!]). I didn't even need to stop and catch my breath, and I had enough energy to jog back down the trail. Yay for fitness, I guess.

My Great Aunt & Uncle celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last weekend, and their love it heartwarming - to say the least.

My latest Trader Joe's obsessions include their Miso Soup, Mango Chips and Trail Mix Cookies.

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