April 25, 2014 Atlanta, GA, USA

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the Atlanta City Tour I had taken. It was great, and I'll admit that it turned out to be more fun than I was expecting. We saw parts of downtown that I didn't know existed; we took some time to learn more about MLK, Jr.'s back-story, and we also stopped a little place called LottaFrutta.

I'm not quite sure how to describe this establishment. It's not exactly a restaurant, but they do sell some food items. It's not exactly a smoothie shop, but sell smoothies too. This spot is all about the fruit, so I'll just call it a fruitery.

Team Jojo

April 24, 2014

I'm a little behind when it comes to Jojo breaking news, but I'm slowly getting myself caught up. Speaking of caught up, her rendition of Anita Baker's "Caught Up in the Rapture" won me over in the first 15 seconds. She makes it her own but somehow manages to stay true to the original, and I've been jammin' to it all week.


April 23, 2014 Atlanta, GA, USA

This new wave of fast food that has taken over in recent years is definitely something I can get with. Fresh2Order, Five Guys, Zo√ęs Kitchen and many more all have the same model: walk to the counter, order your food that's crafted with quality and better-for-you ingredients, then go sit and wait while everything is prepared fresh - and quick. About five to ten minutes later, your food is brought to the table, all warm and ready to eat. I love this style because it's laid back enough for a casual meal, but it's also nice enough [and generally cheap enough] for a low-maintenance date night. It also cuts out the wait staff as a middle man, but there are usually team members walking around to see if any of the guests need anything.

With all that said, there's a new burger joint in town: Grub. I'm not usually the type to say "burger joint," but that's what it looks like when I drive past the building. They've branded themselves as a "Burger Bar," which is honestly a more fitting description since there's an impressively stocked full bar, and they follow this "new fast food" model.

Nothing too fancy

April 21, 2014

I cheated on Starbucks this Friday. It didn't mean anything at first. It was a cold, rainy afternoon, and I just needed something to keep me warm. 'Land of a Thousand Hills' coffee was sitting there all free and piping hot, so I gave it a try. But then I started to really enjoy it, so I went back for more, and then later I found myself doing a Google search for their coffeehouse locations around town. The flavor was rich, but it wasn't too strong; I could've drank it black. I could never dream of drinking Starbucks' coffee black - not even their blonde roast. What's even better is they're a locally-owned small business. They also have live music on Friday nights and Saturday nights... which means they're basically after my heart, and danggit, they just might get it.

Back to Friday, though. It started pouring down rain around noon, and it didn't stop until well after midnight. That means we had constant downpour, for 12 straight hours, all over metro Atlanta. That also means our Good Friday concert that was scheduled to start at 7:30pm, rain or shine, at an outdoor amphitheater, had to take place in the rain [and wind, and cold]. I was so certain many people wouldn't come, but the place was completely packed, and by packed I mean around 10,000 as the final head count. There were even people sitting on the lawn for the duration of the event - that's 2+ hours, in the rain [and wind, and cold]. When gates opened around 6:30pm, some people had already been in line since 4pm... in the rain [and wind, and cold!]! I was blown away in the best possible way. Who knew so many people would show up to stand outside in the rain and hear a concert/message centered around Jesus - Jesus as in Jesus Christ, a man who seems to get so much hate from our generation. Jesus was shown some love that night, and I love the love.

This weekend

April 14, 2014

Meet & greet with the cool kids

April 7, 2014

Last week I was invited to a happy hour meet & greet with the cool kids at Uber ATL.

Uber is a ride service that's been around for a few years. I first used them on a trip to San Francisco a couple years back, and I fell in looooove. They have cars stationed all around the city, and all you do is download the app, press a button, and let your phone's GPS send a signal to the closest driver. Five minutes later there's a clean, black sedan picking you up right at your footsteps. The vehicles are always neat and clean, and the drivers were some of the kindest people I met in San Francisco. It was way easier than trying to hail a cab, and all payment, including gratuity, is handled within the app on your phone so there's no need to worry about carrying cash (because who still does that anyway?). Oh, and the prices were/are about the same as riding in a regular ol' taxi.

Once I got back to Atlanta, I opened my Uber app out of curiosity. There was nothing available in my area at the time, but all that has recently changed. Uber cabs are now all over metro Atlanta, and they're also expanding into the suburbs. So, when I got a last-minute email inviting me to Whiskey Blue to meet some of the team, I cleared my schedule.

Brighter and hotter days

April 4, 2014

This week has been so stinkin' beautiful. So much so that I found myself taking pictures of the road ahead as I was driving. I couldn't even wait until I pulled up to a stop light to grab a few photos. It had to be done right then and there, so Jesus took the wheel. He also opened my eyes to a couple hidden houses in a wooded area that I ride past all the time. Before then, I had never noticed them. Trees, I tell ya'. They're some shady suckers.

Dating a man with kids

April 2, 2014

This is a tough subject to approach. Politely.

I, along with my close friends, along with many other single women of my generation, have strong views when it comes to dating a man with a kid, or dating a man with kids - plural - that aren't yours... which was probably implied, but I wanted to clarify. In my opinion, it can be, and usually is, a tough situation. I’m the kind of woman who has never cared much to be on the receiving end of male attention. I only ever care about getting attention from one man: my man. I'm not needy about it, but some occasional undivided attention from the man I'm dating is definitely a requirement. That doesn't sound too demanding, right?

You know who else requires attention?

Kids. They require a lot of it.

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