The Manna House

March 11, 2013

I've been slacking on the food posts lately.
Frankly, I need to get my foodie life together.
I've tried no new recipes, I've been to no new restaurants around town and I've been generally boring when it comes to what I eat.
This past weekend, my foodie fire was rekindled with the meals of my people: soul food.
Right after wrapping up my Saturday morning yoga session, a friend invited me out to try a new spot called The Manna House.
It's a small, hole-in-the-wall type of place, deep in Marietta, located next door to a somewhat sketchy liquor store.
I'll admit, when I pulled up to the address, I had my reservations, but I was too hungry to turn around.
THANK GOD I didn't.
iPhone snaps are below since I didn't have the energy to bring my DSLR along.

My friend had the fried pork chops.
I had baked chicken (trying my best to eat clean these days), mac n' cheese, collards & candied yams.
As I type this description I'm getting a craving for more of everything. The meal was perfect, and it's the closest I've ever came to "home cooking" outside of my mother's kitchen.

That says alot.

Of course, nobody cooks up some magic like the women in my family, but this spot was worth documenting.
They don't have an official website, and I couldn't find an official Facebook page, so the Yelp listing is all I was able to use for reference.

Excuse me while I figure out what's for lunch.

It's Friday & I Felt Like Posting Something.

March 8, 2013

The fact that it's Friday doesn't really have anything to do with... anything, but that's how this is going to go.
Speaking of random, Georgia weather never fails to keep you on your toes.
Earlier this week, it was snowing. SNOWING.
This weekend, we might not even need to wear a jacket.
Spring is coming, and I'm more than ready. Me & warm weather go together like Forest Gump & Jenny.
As do me & flowers (pictured), me & bangin' turkey burgers (pictured) and me & froyo (not pictured - devoured to quickly).

This is a Post about Compromise.

March 6, 2013

This is a love post, so i'm using this delicious picture of Dorothy Dandridge & Henry Belafonte to illustrate the text. 
One day i'll start taking more pictures of myself, with a pose, expression or demeanor to fit every topic I could ever dream of writing about. That day has yet to come, so in the meantime, i'm using this delicious picture of Dorothy Dandridge & Henry Belafonte to illustrate.
Have I mentioned how delicious this picture is? 


Back to the subject at hand... compromise.
I've heard it referred to as an art, "the art of compromise," and it's a pretty accurate description. Compromise is really a creative craft when you think about it. It's a way of meeting in the middle so that each party involved is satisfied in some way. That's a tough feat, especially when it comes to dealing with people you love.
In a business setting, two companies may come to some sort of formal agreement regarding a particular issue, but they would still have that sense of detachment from each other. They might be trying to appease each other while still propelling their agenda, but ultimately each company would hold their agenda with the utmost importance. 
That's not always the case in a personal relationship. When it comes to compromising with someone you love, their feelings and needs are (at least, they should be) just as important as your own. Right?
But that's also a fine line.
Being willing to compromise is a good thing. Being a pushover isn't. So where do all those happy couples find that happy medium?
Is it always the case that one individual is more willing to put their needs/wants to the side? And if it's always one-sided, can that even be considered compromise?

Personally, I've been on both ends of the spectrum. There have been times when I often felt like I was giving in and obliging to the person I was with, and there have also been times when I usually got my way. 
Neither of these are particularly gratifying.
It sucks when you're willing to go the extra mile or accommodate someone else's interests and they're not willing to do the same for you.
Love is not self-seeking, right
SO essentially, if you love someone, you should always be willing and ready to make adjustments accordingly, because the person you're with is willing to do the same. Right?
Is this idea even in our reality these days?
Is my head contemplating notions only possible in a perfect world?
<end post>

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