New Season - Reflections, Recap & All That Jazz

October 11, 2012

My last photo heavy post was about San Francisco, and unfortunately, that's the last time I properly whipped out my DSLR (not counting the Corkscrews & Canvas post).

It's past time I take her for a thorough cleaning, which means she'll be on the shelf until I've got a good enough reason to charger er' up & taker her out again.

So, for now, lil' ol' iPhone will have to suffice.

As I was going through some old pictures in my photo album, I started to realize how quickly things can change. Maybe it's the time of year that's got me in this reflective mood, but hey, if the leaves on trees get a festival for changing colors, then the least I can do is reflect on this new season & how it relates to my life.

Let's see... I went to my first Falcon's game.

Made many a trip to my favorite restaurant in Atlanta, Noche.

Baby Spinach & Arugula Salad - I've mastered the recipe at home

I found a church home where I can plant myself & really grow.

Passion City Church during their 72 Days for Freedom Campaign

I've overcome my Words With Friends obsession, but I'm still the champ.

I've nurtured my love for literature, renewed my library card & Barnes and Noble membership.

I'm sorry, is my nerd showing?

Discovered coconut water is NOT worth the hype. It's wickedly disgusting. I'd rather have that stuff from the tap.

Looked out at many a clear blue sky.

I've had a few escapes to my favorite place: the beach.

I've lost my favorite sweater, but I STILL wear both these necklaces on a regular basis.

But most importantly, I can look back and see I don't have much [if anything] to complain about.

Happy autumn!

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