You don't know me (yet), and it might take a while for you to really feel like you do know me, but here's some stuff you should be aware of, offhand.

I don't like to argue. We'll undeniably have conflicting views on various topics/situations, and I'll be more than happy to talk it out, but if the debate gets heated, I'm likely to shut down. Sorry. Don't get offended. If it helps, I'm always open to re-visit the super important subjects.

Speaking of heated debates, I don't like being yelled at. Also, I'll never yell at you. It's disrespectful, condescending, and useless. Cranking up the volume won't get your point across any better than speaking in a regular tone will, so let's keep it cordial.

I read books. Lot's of books. You know those 50¢ books you can pick up from a flea market or outside of a random antique store? I even read those, even if they're crappy, because no matter the story, I have to know how it concludes - even though I can usually predict the ending. It's the same with movies. If we're sitting on the couch, watching a random movie that I've never seen before, there's a good chance I'll talk through it and say what will happen before it unfolds on the screen. Sometimes I don't even notice it, and most times I'll be right, but it's a habit. Unless it's a really good movie, or we're in an actual theater. Then I'll shut up.

Another thing, I keep my personal areas clean & tidy. The only time my bed isn't made is when I'm laying in it, and I can't go to sleep at night with dishes still in the sink - not so much as an unwashed spoon (my dishwasher soothes me to sleep at night). I can't stand living in a mess; it makes me feel like my whole life is in shambles. That being said, I'll make no judgements on how you keep your own personal areas. If your car is messy, I won't care... so long as you clear off some enough space for me to sit comfortably in the passenger seat. If your place is junky & cluttered, I won't care... so long as you actually know how to make your bed and throw a load of laundry in the wash. We all have our own ways of finding comfort at home, but please note, if things start to get seriously serious, and if you even start to think about "you & me" in the long term scheme of things, in which case marriage & co-habitation will be inevitable (in that order only), I'll need you to love, nurture and contribute to my clean & tidy ways. Just so I never feel like my whole life is in shambles.

I literally squirm at the thought of a man not washing his hands after he uses the bathroom. It still amazes me how many people in general don't do this.

I'll take care of you when you're sick, I'll give you massages and belly rubs after a long day, I'll make you laugh, I'll listen when you need to say what's on your mind, I'll support your dreams, I'll never try to tear/break you down, I'll kiss you in public, I'll take care of home and I'll give you space if/when you need it.

I'll also expect you to be in church with me, every Sunday, of your own will.

Like everyone on the planet, I'm imperfect, and like every couple on the planet, we'll be imperfect, but that's what keeps things interesting.


  1. Beautiful letter! It's important for a woman to know who she is and what she wants/needs.

  2. Aww,this is so beautiful and such a clever idea, I think I'm going to do something like this for my blog! And yes to marriage and then cohabitation-give me that ring first and then I can put up with your smelly socks,lol. I also like to have my space on some days-just me & myself.
    Definitely following your blog!Here's mine:

    1. Thanks for reading, Brenda! & Yes, a ring is required to deal with those smelly socks lol. Will definitely check out/follow your blog hun. Xx

  3. i love this!! i think i'll also do something like this


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